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Panic In Detroit: Homeland Security Means Random Roadblocks

Author: Jonty Adderley
Saturday, November 16, 2002
Drivers in Detroit will be subject to rotating, unannounced roadblocks as part of President Bush's "Homelands security" initiative, according to a report in this week's Detroit Free Press newspaper. As well as checking people's identities, cops will be looking for drugs, the paper revealed, in the latest clampdown on civil liberties.

Michigan authorities are using a previously obscure law allowing random searches and surveillance within 25 miles of any international border to justify the checkpoints, which could also be used in neighbouring state Wisconsin, the location for last week's terrifying police raid, with saw all 455 revellers at a fund-raising party fined $898 simply for being there. ('One of the DJs was using the bathroom when the police came in with guns drawn. A gun was pointed at the head of the DJ for almost a half hour')