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NATURE ONE 2002 - 'SummerSoundSystems'

Author: Andreas Löw
Friday, August 16, 2002
Once again the largest German festival of electronic music - the Nature One - took place on the first weekend of August at the former American rocket base Pydna in Kastellaun, Germany. After "Summer of Love 2000" and "SUPERNATURAL" in 2001, this year the community celebrated the "SummerSoundSystems". It was the 8th Nature One with about 45,000 ravers, who were all overwhelmed by this great feeling of unity in music and camping.

The party started on Friday at 8 pm and lasted until Saturday 6 am. And if you still didn't have enough you could get some more music in the party tent on the camping area.
After some hours of sleep the gates opened for the second day at 6 pm until open end, which was sometime around 10 am Sunday morning.
Definitely enough time to party, dance and enjoy yourself.

A total amount of 17 different stages - 9 former rocked shelters 7 large tents and a huge open air floor - a lot of different places to enjoy your favourite electronic music style. No matter if you prefered housemusic, techno, drum'n'bass/big-beat, trance, hardtrance, schranz(1) or holland-hardcore, all musicstyles were represented by national and international DJs. Tom Wax, Westbam, Timo Maas, 2Raumwohnung, Mauro Picotto, Eric Sneo, Sven Väth, Gale San, Milk & Sugar, Phil Fuldner, Marc Jerome, Tanith & Takraf, Tomcraft, Tom Novy and - of course - the Nature One Inc. rocked, ehhm, sorry I should say, teched the party people.

The ravers from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Holland, Belgium, Luxemburg and France set up their camps around the rocked base on an area, which was about ten times as large. It's infrastructure was quiet good: drink and food stalls, drinking-water supply tanks, chemical toilets and even showers. Admittedly, some water tanks were already empty on Saturday and the chemical toilets were not really clean. But that's - you know - "normal". Just like the price for food and drink: 3 Euros for half of a deepfreeze pizza at the camping area. At Pydna itself, you only got a third of a pizza for the same price. As you can imagine, the prices for drinks, no matter if water, beer or juice, were at equal levels. A tin of Red Bull, for example just 4 Euros!

To get in both days, you needed a ticket for the little fee of 50 Euros and up to 11 Euros for camping. So, you had to be a real fan of electronic music, if you were willing to pay that amout of money. But, in my opinion, it wasn't so bad after all: It was an assurance for good a atmosphere. Everyone at Pydna came to have fun, to enjoy the music and express her or his feelings in dance. - And I'm convinced everyone did!

After 3 days - like everything - even the Nature One came to an end. Some people started already on early Sunday to dismantle their tents, but most - like us - decided to catch some sleep first. Late Sunday evening, most of the ravers had left the camping area, leaving nothing behind than heavenly silence, lots and lots of trash and the promise to be back!

To all of you, who were there, don't forget: You are the dancing crowd, you are the greatest party people, you are the SPIRIT OF NATURE ONE! Hope to see many of you again next year!

(1) schranz = Technodivision, that originated in Frankfurt/Main, Germany by DJs like Sven Väth or Chris Liebing.

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