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Marco V: Godd, Godskitchen and Being Holland's Newest Superstar DJ

Author: Jonty Adderley
Friday, June 28, 2002
"Do you believe in a God that satisfies, do you believe in a God that opens eyes, do you believe in a God that tells you lies or do you believe in me." (lyrics from Marco V's new single Godd)

Since hooking up with Godskitchen at the tailend of last year, Dutch hard dance producer Marco V is rapidly developing his global profile to match his DJ status at home, where alongside Tiesto, he's one of Holland's most popular DJs. His first UK breakthrough came when Tall Paul snapped up his second major release
V.ision Phase 2, for UK release on his acclaimed hard dance label Duty Free. Recently bigged up by UK producers Ed Real and BK, his music's crossing techno, trance and even hard house boundaries, putting Marco at the centre of a massive still committed scene. Chatting to Skrufff's Jonty Adderley this week, he denied over that his new production Godd means he's getting ideas.

Skrufff: Godd is packed with ideas both musically and through its unusual lyrics about religion, what was the idea behind the track-

Marco V: "We had the original sample for over a year then we brought a girl into the studio to sing the Godd lyric and decided to combine the two. There is no religious meaning at all in the track; instead it's just a lyric that we decided sounded appropriate. It's meant, if anything, to mean that God is no big deal. Lots of people think it's about religion but it's not, rather it was just a momentary decision to do the lyrics like that. All we're trying to do is always innovate. The next Marco V song will probably be totally different."

Skrufff: The latest issue of DJ magazine featured DJs like Ed Real, BK and various other DJs talking about the future of hard house…

Marco V: (interrupting) "No, no, no. I don't see myself as a hard house producer or DJ at all. I think my records can fit into hard house sets but also techno and trance sets; DJs like Tiesto Ferry Cortsten and Paul Van Dyk also play my records as do some techno DJs like Chris Liebing. I'm following my own direction and doing my own songs. I don't listen to others when I'm producing, though of course I listen to Mauro Picotto sometimes."

Skrufff: Are you going to be DJing at UK clubs like Godskitchen in the near future-

Marco V: "I play a lot for Godskitchen, every month or so, and I also play for them in Ibiza. I was supposed to play at Gatecrasher a few weeks ago but there were some problems with DJ slots. They wanted me to play between 6am and 7am, though my time had originally been scheduled between 2am and 4am, which was a much better time. I was supposed to play after Paul Oakenfold but I cancelled when they tried to shift me to between 6 and 7am. That was not the right time for me, it would have been my first time at Gatecrasher, so I asked them to give me another chance at a later date."

Skrufff: Within your DJ sets, do you tend to play mainly your own music or music by Dutch producers-

Marco V: "Certainly not Dutch music, I don't really like Dutch productions, I prefer English and German music, not hard house, more tough progressive. I also don't play hard German trance very much. In Holland though, I don't think we're in a good mood (state) right now. The music's too clubby."

Skrufff: Dutch producers all seem to make trance or hard dance music, why is there this connection-

Marco V: "I don't know why but the music's always hard in Holland, always. I have no answer to that."

Skrufff: Did you really start DJing before decks had pitch controls (speed sliders)-

Marco V: "Yes, that was when DJing was still about putting a record on then taking it off when it had finished. I used to play disco songs at school parties. Then mixing came along as it is now and I started mixing with my own self made pitch control. I was always interested in music from a very early age and always making mix tapes for everybody in the street and my friends. I've always been busy with music, when I was ten I remember recording top 40 songs<