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Juryman Escapes To Where (new album details)

Author: Jonty Adderley
Saturday, August 3, 2002
Ian Simmonds, aka Juryman has announced details of his new album Escape To Where, based on his extensive global travels.

"When you watch the news in different places, the main stories are the same wherever you are, the wars, the corruption, the big man with too much power telling everyone else how to live," said Simmonds.

"So really I could be anywhere, yet these stories would still affect me and the people I am with. Real problems in a not-so-real world."

The new album features contributions from young Brazilian vocalist Cibelle, former Fatboy Slim collaborator Simon Anniky (aka Stretcher) and Ians' brother Jamie. The music is also layered with audio soundbites culled by Ian from his travels. Escape To Where is out on September 30 on Crammed Records.