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Is School Disco Killing Superclubs-

Author: Jonty Adderley
Saturday, July 13, 2002
School, the bizarrely popular clubbing phenomenon where adults dress in fetish-style school uniforms, is to blame for the ongoing problems facing superclubs, The Guardian's Alexis Petrides suggested this week.

"Superclubs thrive on ecstasy's euphoric asexuality, witness the drugged infantilism of the Crasher kids, pill munching 20 year-old trance fans who dress as children and carry toys," said Petrides. "School, meanwhile, plays Careless Whisper (George Michael) and encourages people to snog (kiss passionately)."

The former Mix Mag writer went on to somewhat invalidate his argument by pointing out that few School Disco patrons actually go to superclubs with stag parties, rugby teams and office parties instead making up most of its clientele.

Less positively for school disco, Standard journalist Victoria Cohen challenged the club over its unique selling point; its strictly adhered to dress code.

"In a world where the British public wants the child sex offenders' register published so that they can raze a few houses to the ground, it's still fine to hold up a little girl's school uniform as the ultimate sexual fantasy-" she asked. "Forgive me if I, quite, literally don't want to go there."

Q magazine was also less enthusiastic than the Guardian, sniffing in a review of the Hammersmith Palais club night; "the whiff of sexual desperation is always lurking."

School disco stage a 40,000 capacity outdoor event on London's Clapham Common this Saturday afternoon (July 13) headlined by the Human League and ABC.