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Is Clubland Going Classical-

Author: Jonty Adderley
Friday, May 10, 2002
Anti house music promoter Matthew Glamorre, whose best known club Smashing helped popularise Brit Pop is launching a classical music night in Ibiza this season. The Siren Suite reportedly applies DJ techniques to classical music and is setting up in an Ibiza just 12 months after launching in London.

"We're taking a little culture to those poor brain-dead people out there," Glamorre told the Independent. "We hope to inspire philosophy, politics and religion as topics of conversation, although hair, make-up and outfits do have a place."

In more classical news, the Ministry Of Sound are reported to be shortly releasing a classical music compilation, the Pure Classical Chillout CD. Producers featuring on the album include Bach, Beethoven and Mahler which could revitalise the careers of a vast army of long dead composers.

The last time classical music crossed into popular culture, however, was in the early 70s when it was soundtracked scenes of murder, rape and general allround ultra violence in Stanley Kubrick's awesomely nihilistic A Clockwork Orange.