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Human League Re-Release Dare

Author: Jonty Adderley
Monday, October 14, 2002
Electro pop superstars the Human League are set to re-release their five million selling album Dare, 21 years after it first came out. The definitive synth pop record, which includes Don't You Want Me, Love Action and Seconds is being bundled up with the much rarer (though better) remix album Love & Dancing, which they originally released under the name League Unlimited Orchestra.

Despite being one of the decade's most successful albums, Dare failed to provide financial security, brunette singer Joanne Catherall told Skrufff earlier this year.

"Obviously we made a lot of money with the success of 'Dare', but we also lost a lot of money recording 'Hysteria' and since then we've been on a financial roller coaster, having enough money to survive but going for months with virtually no money coming through," she revealed.

"Fortunately we've bypassed signing on the dole (welfare) so far, but we manage. We'll survive the best we can."

"It would be nice not having to worry about financial security, I want to move out of my house but I've never quite got the money to do it," Phil Oakey agreed.

"It's much harder maintaining success. You spend the money that you've earned chasing it as well. It's the British way, isn't it- We don't optimise what we're doing or have."

Dare will be coming out on Virgin shortly.