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Holland To Ban E Testing In Clubs

Author: Jonty Adderley
Friday, July 5, 2002
Holland's new right wing coalition government are trying to introduce new anti-drug policies that could see ecstasy testing in Dutch clubs being banned.

"The involvement of the committee in testing pills at venues where use is prevalent is not compatible with the battle against the illegal production and trade in those pills and will be stopped," say documents leaked to the Dutch media. Cannabis selling coffee shops are also likely to face pressure Jan Peter Balkenende, the leader of the main coalition party and man tipped to be Holland's next Prime Minister, recently bragging that he intends to close them down.

The change in attitude comes just days after Asa Hutchinson, the head of America's DEA (drug enforcement agency) visited Holland and announced an expansion of DEA operations in the country, particularly targeted towards ecstasy.