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Gigolo's Sex Machine Debuts In London (30 November)

Author: Jonty Adderley
Sunday, November 24, 2002
Gigolo Records' raunchiest producer Mount Sims is coming to London next week, to stage his highly charged 'technosex' show at Cargo (on Saturday 30th November). The LA based electro star, who was once arrested for having sex with a sound system, will be presenting an erotically charged performance that's likely to include fetish girls, musical equipment and a distinctly unusual take on gender orientation.

"One of the general messages I try to convey is that sex is power," Sims told Skrufff recently.

"There's a sexual revolution happening right now when it comes to the way men and women look at themselves, there's almost a gender modification happening. The roles and the definition of the genders are blurring. A lot of males are moving to where classically they've seen females. I wouldn't call it a feminity but there's a de-masculinisation going on."

I'm a technosexual, this is what I strive for- I strive for this new evolution of human sexuality where we're not afraid of technology anymore- where there are no technophobes. It's one of our modern day taboos. Technosex is about responding to music- I respond to music, that's how I get off."

Whether Sims will be seducing the East London venue's sound system on the night remains unclear though his performance is likely to both extreme and highly entertaining.