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Fraser Clarke's London Be-In (9/27): An Alternative to Bush's Future

Author: Jonty Adderley
Sunday, September 22, 2002
Bandulu, Marco Arnaldi and Nik The Record headline next weekend's politics-meets-dance culture event the Human Be-In, which takes place at Hackney's Ocean (Friday 27, from 7.00pm)

"We're taking over the whole of the Ocean including the education part and recording studios and we're gonna' do a huge event there, with political activists and speakers," event organiser Fraser Clark told Skrufff.

"We're going to be representing the alternative future. You can see what Bush's version of the official future is, well here's an alternative way forward," the veteran Zippy activist added.

Guest speakers on the night include Americans Allen Cohen (the editor of famous 60s hippy newspaper the San Francisco Oracle), Wavy Gravy (of Hog Farm fame) and Michael Gosney (founder of the Digital Be-In) at an event with serious intentions.

"The movement we're a part of is spreading and becoming global more and more, we just have to nudge it towards being a bit more political and anti war," said Fraser.

"There are no guarantees though; the future is poised on a knife edge."