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East London Killer Pill Alert

Author: Jonty Adderley
Friday, May 31, 2002
Activists from the Dance Drugs Alliance (DDA) are warning revellers on London's free party scene to be extra careful following the death of man at a squat party in Aldgate, East London from taking a suspected poison pill.

29 year old Anthony Richardson was discovered by cops slumped on the pavement, suffering convulsions last Sunday morning and died 30 minutes later after the police had taken him to Whitechapel Hospital. According to reports in the East London Advertiser a post mortem failed to determine whether ecstasy was to blame though the paper warned a danger batch could be to blame.

The DDA suggested the death could be linked to the emergence of barbiturate-based tablets in the North East called "welchers" which hospitalised 8 revellers in Northumbria last weekend. The suspect pills are described as "pale blue, speckled white with a W printed on them", sell for 50p and represent "an alarming, very dangerous development," they suggest.