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DJ LORD (Public Enemy) to play @ Peace

Author: Seven
Tuesday, May 28, 2002
DJ Lord out of Atlanta, Georgia USA- DJ Lord has been known for years on the competition set of the best Turntablists in the USA. After winning countless battles of expertise, DJ Lord was invited to step up and fill the shoes of the legendary TERMINATOR X on the 40th World Tour of the lyrical prophetical rap pioneers PUBLIC ENEMY. DJ Lord took little time to prove his expertise as a DJ for the group and was given his own performance segment in the PE show. It is with this performance that DJ Lord has garnered worldwide recognition and acceptance into the group of elite groundbreaking turntablists. DJ Lord soon became a sought after commodity. He has since performed and toured with Flavor Flav in his solo effort, with rock band Confrontation Camp and most recently with upcoming hit makers 420 Monks. DJ Lord has also been requested to wear the apparel and use the equipment of various sponsors and componies. He frequently will be seen in Adidas spinning on the preferred DJ equipment of Vestax and Technic.

While DJ battles and hip hop have been the foundation of DJ Lord's career, he ventured off and honed his skills in the Techno/Drum and Bass Arena. DJ Lord captivated Japan audiences with his mesmerizing performance set with a fusion of Drum and Bass with old school hip hop/ break beats. This unique blend soon enabled him to rock crowds worldwide. DJ Lord has since toured the USA, Italy, Spain, and the UK. DJ Lord is scheduled to continue his touring effort in Spain- May 2002, Australia- June 2002 and potentially the UK July -2002 before re-joining Public Enemy in it's upcoming Fall 2002 tour supporting the release of its completed but untitled album.

DJ Lord will appear on Friday June 21 at Peace at Seven, 52 Albert Rd South Melbourne.
Doors open 10pm. $25 on the door.