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Cream's DJ Yousef Opens His Own Liverpool Club

Author: Jonty Adderley
Saturday, August 31, 2002
Cream resident DJ Yousef is launching his own monthly event at Liverpool's Masque club, following the superclub's decision to stop weekly nights at their Merseyside headquarters.

"Until Cream closed, I didn't realise how important having a good place to play in my hometown of Liverpool was to me," said Yousef. "Masque, a former theatre and still home to live bands, is a great forward thinking venue, and is currently getting a massive face lift."

Yousef added that he'd originally been planning his event in collaboration with Cream and confirmed that his second Circus event (October 12) will be happening at Cream to coincide with their 10th birthday celebrations. Circus opens on September 14 with Yousef and MYNC Project DJing. Future guests include Jon Carter and Darren Emerson.