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Crash Goes "Mixed" With A New Compilation CD

Author: Jonty Adderley
Saturday, March 2, 2002
Notoriously raunchy gay sex club Crash is repositioning itself as a serious music orientated event aimed at straight clubbers as well as gays, judging by an article in Muzik, timed to precede the release of the club's first compilation CD.

"There are fruit-flies and fag-hags and there are people from big PR companies checking out the DJ talent, along with various hacks from certain low-rent rival dance mags and style mags," the magazine report in their latest issue, adding that the South London venue is no longer "exclusively a haven for muscle Marys".

The new CD, featuring two mixes from Crash residents Antoine 909 and veteran London character Princess Julia, comes out on Tom Stephan's label South-East Records in April and includes cuts from Chris Cowie, Junior Sanchez and T-Total.

Tom Stephan, also an occasional resident at the club, chatted to Skrufff recently, and confirmed that its clientele remains predominantly, "lots of muscle boys with their shirts off." However, few if any, punters nowadays wear colour coded armbands to denote what kind of sex they're after, which reportedly used to be common practise in the club.

Since 1999 Crash has been owned by legendary London promoter Wayne Diorama, who set up the Sub Station clubs in the 90s as well as late 90s gay festival Summer Rites. The CD; "Crash-The Original Underground Sound of London", is out on South-East Recordings on April 15.