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Chris Brann's "Embarrassing" Inspiration

Author: Jonty Adderley
Friday, February 22, 2002
Wandue Project US producer Chris Brann excluded one of his favourite groups from his excellent new Inspirations compilation because he was concerned critics would be unimpressed, he said this week.

"I'll tell you my number one embarrassing group- and I've met other people who echo this sentiment- I really like Scritti Politti," he told 7 magazine. "A lot of musicians you talk to will secretly admire them for some reason."

Ironically, the group once received the endorsement of jazz's greatest tastemaker Miles Davis, and remain hugely rated by many in the UK. Virgin, in fact, recently re-issued their classic 1982 album Songs to Remember which includes The Sweetest Girl and Rock-A-Boy Blue.

Chris Brann presents Inspirations, a selection of most of his favourite inspirational tracks is out now on Karma Giraffe Music and is highly recommended.