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Cancer Boat Party As Galaxy's Tim Lennox Reveals His Disease

Author: Jonty Adderley
Saturday, August 3, 2002
London party promoters Blah have teamed up with Big Boat Bashers to host a charity boat party along the River Thames which aims to raise money for cancer research. Tayo, Tobe Larone and Pacha's Danny Clark headline the event, which launches from the Golden Jubilee (Temple) Pier on Friday August 9 (boarding at 8.45pm). The fundraiser takes places just weeks after Galaxy FM DJ Tim Lennox (also a member of T-Empo) revealed he's been suffering from stomach cancer, recently undergoing radiotherapy treatment to fight the disease.

Rocky from X Press 2 is another high profile DJ who went public about his cancer, after he discovered he had testicular cancer in 2,000. Despite losing a testicle as part of his cure, he bravely lent his support to a campaign last year, highlighting the fact that testicular cancer in particular afflicts men aged between 18 and 35.

"In the last 20 years, reported cases have doubled," Rocky told Skrufff at the time.

"The key thing is, If you catch it early enough it's relatively easy to treat and to cure, so we're just trying to make people realise it could happen to them. It doesn't go away and I've heard cases of people who have died just from ignoring the symptoms. You just can't do that - don't be embarrassed, go to the doctor." (Symptoms of testicular cancer)