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Bedrock: Compiled & Mixed by Chris Fortier

Author: Bedrock
Saturday, March 16, 2002
"The next instalment of Bedrock's 'Compiled and Mixed' series comes from one of America`s hardest working DJ`s, Chris Fortier.His enthusiasm about the music has rightly brought him to the forefront of progressive house, and it's this passion and quality that shines through on this mix" John Digweed, 2002

"I am really inspired by new and fresh music., and I'm always looking for new and undiscovered talent. especially from America. And this mix was ever changing right up until we turned the record button off." Chris Fortier

As the DJ Hyper mixed "Bedrock Breaks" album continues to roll out the beats, the ever-moving Bedrock label return to their hallmark sound with leading US DJ Chris Fortier on the mix. "Bedrock: Compiled & Mixed by Chris Fortier showcases 24 exclusive tracks from the cutting edge of progressive and beyond, including stunning tracks like " The Mascarter", "Touched By Dub" and "Deported".

Unearthing some serious new musical talents, Chris went through hundreds and hundreds of CDRs's and records trying to put together a mix that would represent all the kinds of sounds he's into. From newly produced, either specifically for Chris' Bedrock mix or just produced the week before, Chris has also dug out a few older personal favorites that never really got the recognition they deserved. From dark atmospheric minimal groove progressive through to tribal sounds, check this out...

Opening up the "Bedrock: Compiled & Mixed by Chris Fortier" are Jay Tripwire and Hollis P Monroe (somewhat unknown outside of the underground house movement) and then it's into Steve Porter and John Debo's brand new remix of "The Marscarter", which is due on Deep Dish' Yoshitoshi label soon. Choc Electrique (from UK label, Invincis) are lush and atmospheric on "Edge Of Time", which starts pushing the mix off. Haris, a producer just discovered by Chris, delivers the exclusive "Touched By Dub" track (included on the doublepack vinyl set), and due for release on Haris's new label Laus Records. The Drum Club Mix of Dearboy's "Greyclouds" was originally released in 1992, and it's the first time Chris has included it on an album. "Future" is a wicked fresh new sound from Hamel, Swain & Snell, whilst Meat Katie deliver some of the coolest breaks house around, and one of Chris' tips for 2002. Setting it up perfectly for "Generik" to smoothly finish off the mix with its soothing vocal n' dirty bassline underneath.

CD2 opens with two tracks from a couple of producers from Philly, with the Randall Jones and Deep C mix a favorite production from the Tigerhook crew, who as Chris says "are really on fire at the moment". The Kolo track "Nova", is by Neil (Chris' production partner in Fade) and one of his first solo efforts, "Gasp" is from Salt Lake City duo, Morris and Shylock and here as an exclusive from Chris' label Fade. John Debo and Steve Porter return with the highly original,"Deported", which was quickly snapped up by Bedrock before they even finished it.! One of my biggest records, it sets the pace for the rest of the mix."Lost Language" is the first everproduction ever from brand new producer Tszpun, (Hong Kong), and here tribal voices interact with the drums so well. Next up is Amani VS Teapots spacious "Wise Man Speaks" , from new LA label, Ritual sounds. Steve Porter arrives with his new single, Nordica" set to rip the roof off any club. "An absolute monster" it is joined by the powerful fusion of tough house and techno synths of "Night" rom Coco Da Silva's (check the c&c music factory samples). Graham & Porter's "2 Days On Landsdowne" was completed whilst Chris was still doing the mix and when he heard it, he just had to include it. "Turn It Up" is the latest single from Angel Moraes, a long time favourite of Chris, with the i-Jack remix doing it here, and devastating floors worlwide. Rounding off CD2 in resplendent style is Chris' first solo production, "Losing Wait".

Chris Fortier is one of America's leadi