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Attica Blues: Don't Go There

Author: Jonty Adderley
Friday, February 22, 2002
Ultra pretentious Soho nightclub Attica appears to have peaked judging by a fashion week clubbing guide in this week's Guardian, which suggested that the club is now terminally out-of-date.

"Avoid, in the name of all things decent and good, Attica, the nightclub equivalent of Lady Victoria Hervey- loud, annoying and very, very expensive," they advised.

The club opened in late 2000 and initially attracted tabloid celebrities with its 80s style door policies and ridiculously high drink prices (some bottles of wine cost over £1,000).

"We are snobbish; we are pretentious," club manager Chris Calorca said last summer, adding, "some people ring me up and ask what the dress code is. Well, if you need to ask you won't get in."

The Guardian's response then was to label the venue an "Aberdeen Steak House after closing" and its success "a sad comment on the times we live in, a triumph of PR over reality.",3605,651996,00.html