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Argentina's Meltdown Mutes Street Festivities

Author: Diego Laje & Victoria Almiroty
Friday, March 29, 2002
Last year's Saint Patrick's Day celebration in Argentina was one of the biggest in the non-English speaking world with large areas of the downtown Irish pub district closed as the partying continued until dawn. All was drinking and dancing in the streets as Buenos Aires' summer drew to a close.

One year and five presidents later, this year's event was a sombre reminder of what was used to be effectively a Latin American quasi-carnival.

This year's celebrations didn't invade the streets but stayed in pubs and while the persistent presence of Scottish pipers in the area brought out some crowds, only marginal street dancing occurred throughout.

On a happier note, Argentina's relatively stabilized political situation, saw clubbing coming back with a vengeance last weekend, with an event at Vilas Racket Club, the tennis club belonging to tennis player Guillermo Vilas.

Local DJs Martin Bernardo and Martin Lamelas displayed a powerful mixture of trance and tribal house, building a vibe that kept the crowd going well into the daytime. After Easter two more big scale autumn big raves are also coming up.