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40,000 Pack Ministry's Millennium Dome

Author: Jonty Adderley
Friday, January 4, 2002
Ministry Of Sound's New Years Eve rave at London's Millennium Dome sold out entirely and showed up previous attempts to attract visitors, Ministry chief James Palumbo told the Standard this week. "It took a fraction of the time to organise, cost the taxpayer nothing and for once it was full," he said.

Ministry event co-ordinator Met Salih was equally pleased with how the night turned out, revealing that the clubbing conglomerate even spent £250,000 (US$380) on fireworks. Reports from individual clubbers were more mixed, however, with visitors to Ministry's website singing the event's praises, while others were less impressed. Journalists from were particularly harsh, complaining that bars had run out of bottled water by 2am.

"We left rather disappointed mainly as a result of bad organisation and the wrong attitude," they concluded. "Ministry were happy enough to take the £50 per ticket price and undoubtedly huge amounts at the bars, but in return they didn't seem too bothered about meeting the needs of the clubbers."