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Whatever - Green Velvet

Author: Michelle
Thursday, September 20, 2001
Stompin solid old skool sound, thats what your'e going to find from Chicago based "Green Velvet." Their latest album "Whatever" is full of hard distorted drums and synths, deep dirty beats and plenty of bleeps.

"Dank" takes you back to the school playground with an intro of kiddies playing their clapping games mamma told me..., whilst "Great American Tragedy" rings of Depeche Modes back in the industrial days of ³Construction Time Again².

"La La Land" is the definite feature track, with vocals sounding somewhat "Talking Heads" the lyrics are highly entertaining and the music dam good fun.

I actually prefer most of these songs without the "fuck society" lyrics, gets a little lame after a while, but thats Green Velvets style and the music itself is well produced.

Every stomper is guaranteed to get something out of this one.