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[Tresor News] New DREXCIYA Release

Author: Tresor
Tuesday, November 27, 2001
Label: Tresor
Cat. No: 56181-2/6
Distribution: SRD (UK)
Release: 25 JANUARY 02

The Drexciyans were recently sighted off German shores, surfing the crest of the Digital Tsunami to deliver vital information on how to Harness the Storm. Detroit's best-kept secret have reloaded the torpedo tubes with 10 all-new tracks of deepwater darkness to break up the frozen waters this winter. It can now be confirmed that recent underwater disturbances were tests to determine the power of these new techniques. The fruits of the research will be available in early 2002.

HARNESSED THE STORM, is the armour-plated follow up to the NEPTUNE´S LAIR LP (1999). The descent begins with Under Sea Disturbances with its sonar keyboards and swirling bass. The recent single, Digital Tsunami rages across the sea with devastating effect (watch out for the Drexciyan kick with its razor sharp fins!) Soul of the Sea takes the listener further into the depths, where the pressure intensifies and the bass throbs can crush the chest of the unsuspecting.

The Song of the Green Whale has been transposed to be suitable for non-aquatic ears, and demonstrates some of the melancholy emotions these great mammals feel. A welcome return sees, Dr. Blowfins' Black Storm Stabilizing Spheres show how clean efficient progress through the darkest waters can be smooth and efficient with the correct technology whilst the tale of the Mission to Ociya Syndor and Back and the troubles that had to be negotiated and the high pressure shock tactics that were employed to get home safely is now declassified and available for public use. Lake Haze is a classic Drexciya track, floating synths that ebb and flow over razor sharp beats. The Birth of New Life closes the album in sublime style, with its truly lush electronics and heart tugging melodies.

The Wave Jumpers are for the present time remaining underwater.


01) Under Sea Disturbances (8:02)
02) Digital Tsunami (6:19)
03) Soul of the Sea (4:27)
04) Song of the Green Whale (4:49)
05) Dr. Blowfins' black storm stabilizing spheres (6:10)
06) The plankton organization (6:06)
07) Mission to Ociya Syndor and back (5:12)
08) Aquatic cataclysm (5:17)
09) Lake haze (5:15)
10) Birth of new life (6:17)


A1) Digital Tsunami (6:19)
A2) Soul of the Sea (4:27)
B1) Dr. blowfins' black storm stabilizing spheres (6:10)
B2) Song of the Green Whale (4:49)
C1) Lake haze (5:15)
C2) Mission to Ociya Syndor and back (5:12)
D1) Under Sea disturbances (8:02)


Tresor 182
Drexciya: Digital Tsunami
Which also contains the Plankton Organisation, Aquatic Cataclysm and Birth of New Life.

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Drexciya: Hydro Doorways

Tresor 130
Drexciya: Fusion Flats

Tresor 129
Drexciya: Neptune's Lair CD/Do-EP