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Todd Terry Rocks Bora Bora's Carpark (Ibiza)

Author: Skrufff
Sunday, August 12, 2001
Hundreds of clubbers spilled out onto the waste-ground alongside Ibiza beach disco Bora Bora last week to listen to Todd Terry playing an afternoon set. The New York Godfather of house was joined by his label signing Ray Roc and Body & Soul jock Mathias for the afternoon event, which drew hundreds of people to the infamously hardcore beachside bar.

The packed vibe contrasted with that found inside the island's superclubs, which this year have been targeted by local authorities checking for licence violations. According to 7 magazine, the island's biggest club Privilege (home to Manumission) is working to a 4,000 capacity limit this season, some 6,000 below the venue's fabled maximum turnout of 10,000 people on one night. Ominously for the many thousands of blaggers flying in each week, 7 magazine added that many promoters are compensating for reduced ticket sales by cutting the names on their guest lists.

Bora Bora, a free beach front bar with decks, has no such licensing issues to worry about, though like every other bar and club on the island are shortly releasing another themed compilation CD (issue number 3). Reflecting the bar's usually mashed-up, take-no-prisoners party vibe, Beach Front is an impressively diverse collection of good time house, tech-house and trance, filled with the kind of vocal samples that only truly make sense when you haven't slept for two days. Out on React in September, Beach Vibes features tracks from DJ Gee, Silicon Soul, CRW and Pling Plong and is a highly listenable (and surprisingly good) compilation.
Jonty Adderley