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The Mulletz: Buju's Prayer

Tuesday, November 27, 2001
Buju's Prayer

A side - Original Mix

B side - Intastella Future Mix

Submorphic Records via Alphamagic MORPH 003

Released January 2002

A 21st century phenomenon that knows no limits. The Mulletz believe in the forced mulletization of all men, and in unleashing some unstoppable tunes on the world, fusing the most frenetic disco with dark progressive beats to throw you around the dancefloor by the end of your hairdo, while maintaining a curious tongue-in-cheek glance towards the most culturally important hairstyle in the history of hairstyles.

Buju's Prayer is an awesome nod to the old school, the perfect end of night tune, so overwhelming it could almost be an end of the world tune - spiritual, enraptured, a powerful mix of emotions - with something ominously dark hovering in the shadows - suggesting it's time to party hard through the eye of Armageddon. But then Buju Banton's voice rolls through the sonic darkness like a cascade of Rastafarian dreads taking on the peckerwood mullet, so uplifting it picks you up off your feet, spins you round and takes you elsewhere. A blissed-out Rastafarian Lord's Prayer that forms perhaps the most perfect end of night record ever.

It's a gorgeous track, indicative of the eclecticism of The Mulletz. Buju's Prayer will also feature on the forthcoming Trailertrash Disco album, bulging with the mish mash of sounds that are twisted into The Mulletz sound. For more information on the kooky world of The Mulletz, check out their most wonky of websites and reminisce about that most special of haircuts; and for copies of the track, please contact Sketchpad (details below). Fabulous music packaged in a twisted fashion. Now that is original.

Be smart. Think Mulletz...