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Switzerland - Legalizing the funky green Shtuff

Author: Skruff
Thursday, March 22, 2001
Switzerland are legalising marijuana to free up police resources and also because ""no research shows that marijuana is more harmful or addictive than alcohol and tobacco," said Georg Amstutz, spokesman for the Federal Office of Public Health this week (Time Magazine). 500,000 Swiss citizens are estimated to be smokers, and following the imminent legalisation, they'll be able to smoke joints in public places where tobacco and alcohol are allowed. ""We believe that repression will not stop its sale and use, but by legalizing it we are eliminating the black market and putting it out in the open where we can control the situation," Mr Amstutz continued. "In the long run we don't believe we'll see a rise in consumption. When something is no longer forbidden, it becomes less attractive.". .