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Sunshine Coast Soundz

Author: Ryan
Wednesday, November 7, 2001

Situated on the coast about an hour north of Brisbane lies the Sunshine Coast. Home to sunshine, surf, bikini's and an emerging dance scene that is slowly getting stronger against great adversity.

For dance music lovers on the Sunshine Coast events have been few and far between in the past.. The established major clubs on the coast seem to avoid any non-commercial dance music like the plague (Rolling Rock at Noosa being one exception to this rule) leaving the only real option for a weekly ass shake the hour long trek to Brisbane where decent beats are found in plenty. This however is slowly beginning to change.

Over the last 12 months a number of local dance nights have started breathing a little life in to the some what stale Sunshine Coast scene. The most successful of these being "Loose Caboose" held every Thursday night at the Rolling Rock at Noosa. The night features resident Dj Anthony who plays his own personal blend of funky house and a guest DJ. Previous guests have included Jen-E, Queensland DMC Champion "the Master" and DJ Tizer (Ire) to name a few.

At the other end of the coast Vino's Bar & Cafe at Alexandra Headlands has been home to a Sunday session for the past twelve months which has slowly built itself up into maybe the biggest thing going on a Sunday night up this way. Previously the night only catered to a funky house crowd until a guest spot by up and coming coast local Dj Ryzer had literally every punter on their feet. Every second Sunday now rings out with the most banging hard house and trance available on the Sunshine Coast spun by DJ's Ryzer and Frantic.

With the 3am club closing time and the unwillingness for established clubs to accept change, the Coast still has a long way to go before it will compare with Brisbane but a scene is emerging. Support it and it will thrive.