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So Solid Crew in Gun Seizure

Author: Skrufff
Monday, September 3, 2001
Ashley Walters from UK garage collective the So Solid Crew appeared in a London court this week to face charges of possessing a gun and issuing death threats. The Old Bailey court appearance by the 19 year old South Londoner followed comments last week from fellow crew member Neutrino, who blamed garage related violence on society.

'Any club you go to that plays garage, there's always fighting, there are always shootings, but that happens at any club," Neutrino told The Observer. "It's just an excuse blaming it on the music. It's all to do with people, not the music. People with enemies, people who want to rob people, whatever.'

The paper also suggested that So Solid Crew are considered 'heroes' by Britain's increasingly violent street gangs. Their latest single 21 Seconds topped Britain's pop charts just 2 weeks ago, being knocked back to number2 this week by boy band 5ive. The 20 member collective also picked up three nominations for this year's UK MOBO (Music of Black Origin) awards this week (2 of them being for Oxide and Neutrino).

Jonty Adderley