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Pet Shop Who- Puff Daddy's Understated Fashion Tips, Britain's Chemical Generation Turn to Drink, Drug Rape Warning,

Author: Skrufff
Monday, September 24, 2001
'I'm f%cking handsome, man, and successful and f%cking rich and these total losers want a slice of the action.'
What Liam Gallagher said to The Pet Shop Boys when he tricked the 80s Brit synth duo into posing for a photo at a Q Magazine awards ceremony in 1996 (Q Magazine)

'You all look very sexy right now, you British people. Like yo' definitely putting yo' fashion thing down, girl, yo' definitely becoming the definition of cool.'
Puff Daddy tells an English journalist why traditional Brit understatement is his next big thing (The Standard)

'Young women in their 20s and 30s are part of the 'chemical generation'. They grew up around drugs and take them for granted. Even if they haven't used drugs, they've absorbed the idea of instant gratification. You get an immediate hit from something like snorting a line of coke or taking a (ecstasy) pill and people are now turning to alcohol to get the same rush.' (Cosmopolitan, UK)
Addiction specialist Robert Le Fever on the rise of 'class A' drinks (including Aftershock, Sidekick and Jaegermeister.)

'Drug rape is a much bigger problem than has so far been recognised. Only a tiny proportion of all rapes are ever reported and we believe that in date rape the proportion is even smaller, particularly due to the fact that the victims just aren't aware what happened to them.'(Cosmopolitan)
British Police warn that GHB assisted attacks are on the increase.

Jonty Adderley