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Orbital Leave Pete Tong's FFRR

Author: Jonty Adderley
Friday, October 26, 2001
Rave pioneers Orbital have "parted company" (Music Week) from Pete Tong's ffrr Records, 11 year after they first signed to the major label imprint. The duo of Paul and Phil Hartnoll were one of the first groups to successfully perform electronic music live, in the process becoming one of the biggest worldwide bands of the 90s. The brothers have long remained amongst the most humble of all pop stars and are unlikely to be too traumatised by the changes. Speaking prior to the April release of their latest album The Altogether, Paul reminisced fondly about his last pre -Orbital job; washing dishes at Pizza Piazza in his home town of Sevenoaks.

"It's great being a washer-upper, you're in your own little world, so when the waiters rage or cry because the customers have been nasty to them, you can talk them down," he recalled. "True, the teenagers who worked there pitied me because I was 21 and I hadn't made it, but I showed them." (Orbital's official site)