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No Sex Please, It's Raining, Micro-celebs & Cads, School Disco Kids Love Men @ Work, Amsterdam's Annual Dance Event (November 15th)

Author: Skrufff
Monday, September 24, 2001
British people's reputation as the world's greatest lovers could be in some doubt, judging by a new survey of internet usage in the UK. According to the latest issue of Computer Weekly, while sex is the most effective keyword link to advertisements in most European countries, in the UK it's 37th. Brit surfers' most popular key word, they discovered, is actually Formula 1, and even Weather is more popular than sex. (Computer Weekly)

The Daily Telegraph's unilateral campaign against Manumission micro-celeb Lady Victoria Hervey continued this week with a cruel piece mocking the company she now keeps. 'Our favourite socialite was seen leaving a bar in Ibiza Town on the arm of that ginger-tinted rogue James Hewitt,' the Telegraph sniffed. 'Their evening did not end happily: Hewitt was soon accosted by a 7foot (2.2 metre) transvestite who ensnared him in a feather boa in an attempt to peddle Class A drugs. After a brief struggle, Hewitt hightailed it (ran off) down the cobbled alley, leaving a bewildered Lady V marooned on the pavement.' Adding insult to injury, the James Hewitt namechecked is no ordinary Toff, either. Universally known by British tabloids as 'the cad', he remains one of Britain's most vilified upper class gents after being exposed in the 90s as Princess Diana's secret lover.

School Disco, the London club where 20-somethings dress up in school uniform, are to release their first compilation album shortly through Sony Records. The semi-fetish style club (school uniform is compulsory) has become increasingly popular over the last two years, though attracts a strange bunch of nerdy former students and beer drinking rugby boys. Album highlights on School Disco-The Album include Men At Work's Down Under, Rick Astley's Never Gonna Give You Up and Billy Joel's Uptown Girl.

Jeff Mills, Los Chicharrons, and Tim 'Love' Lee are just a few of the names that will perform at the 2001 edition of the Amsterdam Dance Event, which takes place this year from the 15th to the 17th November in Amsterdam. Primarily a music industry gathering, the event features lectures and workshops in the day time and special parties at night throughout the city's clubs (including Escape, Melkweg and Paradiso)

Jonty Adderley