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Newcastle's Love Parade Cancelled due to Police Safety Concerns

Author: Skrufff
Sunday, July 22, 2001
Radio 1 have urged revellers to stay away from Newcastle this weekend following the 11th hour cancellation of what would have been Britain's 2nd Love Parade. ""Radio 1's advice is to only come to Newcastle if you have a ticket for one of the indoor events," Radio 1 chief Andy Parfitt said this week. "I understand how disappointed people are but to clog up the centre of Newcastle next weekend would be counter productive, if anything went wrong clubbers would be blamed."

The planned street rave was cancelled with just 6 days to go, after police raised issues about public safety and parking facilities. Its cancellation drew angry responses from clubbers and clubbing organisations including Global Undergroud who are based in the region and were planning to bring Sasha to the event.

"If a massive national organisation like Radio 1 can be misinformed up to one week before an event takes place with the resulting misinformation leaving dozens of respected international promoters lying dormant in the process, will it ever be possible to hold such an event- GU events manager Dave Beynon asked.

Many clubbers are still expected to flock into Newcastle, though Radio 1 are urging people to stay away. One of the biggest parties still happening is at Northumberland University, where the Boutique and Missdemeanours are putting on a bash from 8pm Saturday (until 6am Sunday). Fat Boy Slim, X Press II and Slam play in the main room while Miami Boat Party miscreants Mutiny play alongside Agent Sumo in the side room. (Berlin's Love Parade: July 21st) (Zurich Street Parade: Saturday 11th August; 500,000 people: *Highly Recommended)

Jonty Adderley