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NY 2001 : NME Recommends Drugs as the Shit Hits The Fan

Author: Skruff
Sunday, April 22, 2001
NME published one of their most controversial issues ever this week, a special on New York, which advised their readers to seek out both legal and illegal drugs, to make the most of a holiday in the city. "Do your research in advance," Gavin McInnes recommended. "Try to get good coke (cocaine) hooked up. Xanax and morphine (heroin) are always nice, and, of course, weed (marijuana). You need weed. Make sure this is buyable within seconds of your arrival."

Later in the issue another writer sampled two currently legal chemical compounds Blue Mystic (2CT7) and Foxy (a psychoactive tryptamine), both of which he suggested were stronger than LSD. On Mystic (a MDMA type substance also discovered by Ecstasy godfather Alexander Shulgin) David Taylor described it as, "like acid without the paranoia,.., three hours later, the visuals dropped off and a coke-like feeling of superiority came up but without the arrogance". 'Foxy 'also pleasantly surprised him; "I can see why some people are calling it a new sex drug", he smirked, before adding, "if you want to try them, start with a small dose. And hurry up - they won't be legal for long."

Despite the article's flippant tone, New York remains one of the riskiest places for drug users, with arrested pot smokers being routinely locked up in Rikers Island overnight, even if caught with just a blim or roach. Leading US author Darryl Pinkney wrote recently of his emotions after being seized by undercover cops after smoking a joint on a Lower East Side street with two (female) friends. "We'd been abruptly deprived of our liberty and that would always make for a chilling memory," he told the Guardian. "And as I'd learned sitting in the cell with all those guys whose stories I didn't know and couldn't ask for: the system exists, the system- for the non-white youth, the poor, is real."

Also inside New York's criminal justice system presently is one Marco Arellano, who was charged last week with attacking delicatessens in Manhattan, specifically the corner shops' select-your-own open salad bars. Mr Arellano is suspected of raiding at least 12 delis and spraying their potato salads and lettuces with a concoction containing his own urine and faeces (The Observer).