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Ministry Magazine Choose Coke Over E

Author: Jonty Adderley
Friday, October 26, 2001
Ministry magazine have maintained their controversial drug coverage in the latest issue, dismissing suggestions that the rise of cocaine use in fashionable bars is ruining club culture.

'Wouldn't you rather have a nose-up (line of coke) at some super-swish place than face another weekend dominated by some pilled up sweat-monkeys (ecstasy users) trying to nick (steal) your water-' they asked in the Letters page editorial. 'There's a time and a place for everything and our favourite time and place is 9pm, deep in the West End (Central London) racking out a long one on the finely polished porcelain of some spankingly new bar.'

The comments were also presumably written before anthrax turned up in the US postal system. 'What's happening where you are-' Ministry asked- 'Write to us at the usual Ministry address and mark your letter 'Make Mine The Powder Pudding'.

In more Ministry news, the superclub organisation unveiled initial details of the line-up for their planned New Years Eve party inside London's Millennium Dome. Radio 1 anthem man Dave Pearce headlines what will be a 4 arena event (all under the Dome itself) alongside a strong supporting cast of UK garage names including the Dreem Teem, Norris da Boss and Pied Piper. British drum & basser turned hip hop aspiring star producer Adam F also plays live (assuming the event gains a licence.)