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Melbourne Gatecrasher to be held @ Tooradin.

Author: 2-hottie
Monday, August 20, 2001
An article in today's HeraldSun (20/8/01) on the uphill fight between Earthcore, Psycoroboree & Rainbow Serpent Festivals with the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA), gives us the first insight to where the recently booked Gatecrasher festival will be held.

"The special social significance of summer's first party Gatecrasher, scheduled for November 24 at Tooradin, is being considered by Casey council".... "With up to 20,000 people expected to attend, local councillor Ron Mantel said it was a chance to put Tooradin on the map"...."This is a new culture", Cr Mantel said. "We've never had anything this big before. Previously it was a tractor pull, where we hold the Victorian championships with 6000 to 7000 people attending".

With over 50 DJ's booked and rumours of DJ Teisto & Ferry Corsten headlining the national tour it's a long way from a tractor pull. Maybe Tooradin could combine them both- Gatecrasher down under style...Ferry Corsten on three decks and a tractor eh! :-p