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Massive Attack Recruit David Bowie

Author: Skruff
Thursday, March 22, 2001
David Bowie has added vocals to a Massive Attack version of the old jazz standard 'Nature Boy', which Massive Attack have just finished recording for an upcoming Hollywood movie Moulin Rouge. According to media reports, Bowie recorded his parts in New York before 3D polished off the track in London. The ultra famous pop celebrity also featured in the reminiscences of "My Beautiful Launderette' writer Hanif Kureishi, who name-dropped in the Telegraph last week about Bowie hanging out at his Notting Hill flat. "I remember he came round here once and asked me to pop out and buy him some fags (cigarettes)," Kureishi said. "I said 'Why don't we both go the shops-' and he explained that he couldn't go to the shops. We had lunch once and passed a building site and all the builders ran to the front of the site and stood there screaming and shouting. A very strange life."

Massive attack, meanwhile, are continuing to work with more collaborators on their new album including regular singer Horace Andy and Cocteau Twins Liz Fraser. With the new record being their first since principal songwriter Mushroom quit the band 2 years ago, its importance is higher than ever. "We always want to go into the studio and want to do something a bit different, otherwise, what's the point of being there in the first place," 3D said on the band's website last week. "We're so aware of not wanting to repeat ourselves- but it can be difficult because we've covered a lot of ground over the three albums and operated in a lot of musical areas." Blur singer Damon Albarn is also rumoured to be involved in the project.