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Manumission Are Not Being Kicked Off Ibiza

Author: Skruff
Friday, February 23, 2001
Manumission have denied a report in last week's Mix Mag that suggested they'd been 'kicked off' Ibiza and bought their own venue in Ayia Napa. "We're still here and planning on going nowhere," a heavily pregnant Dawn Manumission told Mezz this week. "We've just bought a house and are busy making it liveable before the baby arrives in a couple of weeks."

Manumission remain the highest profile promoters in Ibiza and their Monday night events at the 8,000 capacity venue Privilege continues to deliver the best 'superclub' experiences on the island. The club has also campaigned heavily for improved road safety features on the notoriously dangerous street that links Ibiza Town and San Antonio to both Privilege and Amnesia (home to Cream, Sven Vath's Cocoon and Godskitchen). Each year scores of clubbers are killed and maimed on the 5 mile road, with many fatalities occurring on the 500 metre, pavement-free strip linking Amnesia and Privilege.

"There have been some developments on the charity event 'One For The Road', Dawn continued. "The charity has been set up and includes the British Consulate, the Head of the Ibizan tourist board, Pepe from Space, other Ibiza people and us. We're putting together plans for an early season event to raise money and awareness of the dangers of the road."

In more Ibiza news Gatecrasher have announced that they're abandoning last year's attempt to establish a weekly presence on the island save for several one off events which will definitely not be taking place in clubs. "They will be doing big events but not a regular club night," a Gatecrasher spokesperson said. "The plan is to expand into America this year." (live chat sessions 6-8pm Mondays GMT +1) (Ultraviolet bubbles to blow)
Mezz will be in Ibiza again throughout the summer at the Sunset Bar. Fixx members visiting the White Island will be able to enjoy complimentary cocktails at the highly popular pre-club spot, which includes a wooden terrace overlooking the sea.