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Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department Accused in F.A.M.I.L.Y. Bust

Author: Skrufff
Saturday, August 25, 2001
Los Angeles filmmaker George Gomez accused local cops of using intimidation to ruin a party last weekend (August 11th) after he and the producer of the show were arrested. Four Sheriff officers turned up at the venue uninvited then objected when George attempted to film them skulking in the corner. The duo were arrested then held at the local police station for 6 hours. They were cited with a misdemeanour of 'being under the influence of a controlled substance', despite repeatedly asking for a drug test.

"There was nothing legally they could do to shut us down so they arrested the people in charge of the event and intimidated the attendees into submission", George told Skrufff last week. "They never read us our rights nor told us whether we were being detained or arrested. And finally, after many requests to be drug tested, we were not given any tests. Final (police) reports have myself and the producer of the show refusing to take a drug test. It is because of all this that I make a plea to anyone who was there and who saw the producer and/or myself get handcuffed, heard what was being said to us, and can testify to the fact we demanded to be tested, to please come forward."

The pair risk12 month sentences if they fight the charges and lose, though George remains defiant. "These attacks on our scene have only become worse in the past year and they will succeed in killing our scene forever unless we stand up to them", he said. "I'm willing to do what ever it takes to prove my innocence."

Anyone with information or eyewitnesses should e-mail George directly at For a more detailed explanation of the event by George visit

George is currently shooting a film based on the Los Angeles Underground Dance Scene during early/mid 1990s. He is also helping organize an event called Day Of Voice dedicated to fighting fascism in Los Angeles and America. For more information on the film or the Day of Voice visit:

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