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LA Clubbers Mobilise Against the War on Clubs

Author: Skrufff
Friday, September 7, 2001
LA clubbers are being invited to attend a peaceful demonstration next weekend (Sunday September 16th; 11am) that will be celebrating America's First amendment and the right to assembly.

'Come and participate in this day of voice against apathy and controlled thought as we engage in a day of art, music and social action,' organisers of the event (Day Of Voice) said this week . 'We must remember that without the people knowing the truth and without mass participation there is no democracy.'

Significantly, the event will be protesting against the war on clubs as well as globalisation issues including the environment, America's Free Trade Agreement and the expansion of the Prison Industrial complex (over 3% of Americans, 6.5million people, are currently in jail or on parole).

The demonstration takes place in downtown Los Angeles at Pershing Square, between 5th Street, 6th Street, Hill Street and Olive Street (forming a square) and is intended to be a 'free event for the masses'.

Jonty Adderley