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Joey Negro's Punk Pedigree, Tricky's Ghetto Games, Who is the new US Drug Tsar- Eminem's Ecstatic Passion, Australians Do Give XXXXs for Drag

Author: Skrufff
Thursday, September 20, 2001
'When I did American Booty as Jakatta I put it out on an unofficial-looking promo on Z Records and it did OK until Pete Tong started playing it. Then loads of people came along wanting to sign it before I eventually went with Ministry. So there's a lot to be said for doing it yourself.'
Veteran UK house producer Joey Negro on the commercial advantages of maintaining a punk ethos (DJ Magazine)

'We used to play this game where there'd be six of us and one would lay on the floor and we'd pretend to kick them. After a while, someone would come along, be a hero and tell us to stop.'
Tricky recalls ghetto games learned when growing up on Bristol's Knowles West Council Estate (Housing Project) (News Of The World)

'First, we are imprisoning too many people for merely possessing illegal drugs; second; drug and other criminal sentences are too long and harsh; third, the criminal justice system is unjustly punishing black men. These are amongst the great urban myths of our time.'
America's next potential drug Tsar John Walters suggests more authoritarianism might just win the war on drugs (Industry Standard)

http://www.ccldp.or(Coalition for Compassionate Leadership on Drug Policy: help check the credentials of America's new Drug Tsar)

'Australians just love watching men in dresses. Why, I don't know. Not enough sheilas-'
The Independent's Kathy Marks suggests Sydney's 40 year old drag scene will survive despite the possible forthcoming closure of infamous drag pub The Albany (Sydney listings/dance magazine 3d World)

'Earlier this year I didn't go home for 6 months, from December to June. I set up my studio in Australia because it was an easy base to tour there and in Asia and also because I wanted to avoid the English winter. The fan base of our sound has become really global now. In fact, Europe is our weakest link.'

Breaks expert Adam Freeland on why he chose Bondi over Brighton beach (DJ Mag). Adam's new live mix CD is out shortly on his own label Marine Parade. (Australian clubbing portal)

Jonty Adderley
: London Weekend Weather: Mild With Chilly Nights
London's frequently predicted Indian Summer appears to have stayed home this September as Autumnal nights and gradually decreasing temperatures sign-post the onwards march of winter. This weekend should be mainly dry and warmer on Friday night that Saturday (lows of 11º compare with 9º [48ºf] on Saturday night). Highs in the daytime are 18º meaning realistically that extra layers will be required.

Jonty Adderley