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ISLAND - Timo Maas's New Single signed

Author: Skrufff
Sunday, August 19, 2001
EMI's dance/pop label Positiva have signed a new single produced by Timo Maas and two of his engineer partners Martin Buttrich and Andy Bolleshon, a piano tinged trance/ pop anthem called Island. Joining the pair is ex Alan McGee hopeful Xan on vocals and together the foursome, are going under the name Oriniko. A million miles away from Timo's brilliant breakthrough production (his remix of Azzido De Baas's Dooms Night) Island sits in the melodic, totally disposable pop category previously pioneered by the likes of Fragma.

Positiva are set to release another big commercial track in October called Flawless, by New York trio The Ones. Sitting comfortably in the dance-lite category of Stardust, Modjo, Roger Sanchez and Tom Tom Club (with shades of Wordy Rappinghood), the track is an obvious slice of pop disco which will appeal to (new) Daft Punk fans and forward thinking 5ive fanatics alike. The strangest (and best) mix is undoubtedly the Different Gear one, that, according to the accompanying press release, 'takes the original down the k-hole'. Electro pioneer Curtis Mantronik also resurface in the mix (ers), delivering the Harry's Afro Hut Remix.