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Godskitchen Step In As Gatecrasher Cancel Australian Dates

Author: Skruff
Saturday, May 5, 2001
Gatecrasher have postponed their planned June tour of Australia, citing over-commitments in the UK for the last minute cancellation. The tour was due to due feature Guy Ornadel and Ashley Casselle and had planned to stop off in Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Brisbane & Sydney. Guy Ornadel will instead now by appearing at Godskitchen's newly announced Australian dates, having 'stepped in to save the day' as the event's Australian organisers put it on their website. John "00" Fleming, Humate, Nick Sentience and Dave Randall will also be appearing alongside local DJs in each respective city (the tour takes in Auckland, Sydney and Melbourne from June 8th.)

Gatecrasher instead will presumably be concentrating on their UK bash, which takes place at Turweston Park on June 16th. Aiming to sell 40,000 tickets the event is going head to head with homelands, who confirmed this week that their May 26th event is definitely going ahead. While the Chemical Brothers headline Gatecrasher, Pulp, Orbital and the Orb will be performing live at homelands alongside seemingly every name DJ in the world. festival organisers) (June 16th) (Julty 28th , UK outdoor festival) (May 26th)