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Fake Tattoo Warning, Tom Stephan's Favourite Band, Italian Stallions Docked, Sweet in New Jersey

Author: Skrufff
Saturday, August 25, 2001
German scientists have discovered that people having temporary henna tattoos risk developing lifelong contact dermatitis, the Telegraph reported this week. A chemical added to the henna dye is reportedly the cause of the skin complaint which leaves sufferers allergic to metals or detergents and certain foods.

Canadian hard tech type Tom Stephan's first love of industrial electronic heads Nitzer Ebb was sealed when he moved to London to study at the London International Film School, he revealed this week. "Bizarrely, the first day in class I was sitting next to this girl and we got talking and she was like chums with Nitzer Ebb and they were doing a show that weekend at Subterrania," said Tom. "So the first week I was here I was hanging out with the band. I thought, 'Right, I like it here'. Nowadays installed at Turnmills with a monthly residency, he sees his first UK compilation released shortly, Soundwork: Session 2 on South East Records. The CD includes his own Superchumbo remix of Missy Elliot's Get Ur Freak On and Cevin Fisher's excellent new house anthem Loving You. Tom's next London DJ date is at Turnmills on Friday 5th September.

Italian men's long standing reputation as red blooded macho stallions was called into question this week by startling new research on how they typically lose their virginity. Nearly 40% purchase the services of a prostitute, La Republica reported. However, 'some of the sexual contacts were with transvestites' (The Observer)

Skrufff collaborator T.O. Sweet from New York radio station WNYU will be DJing at the Paradise Club in Newark (New Jersey) this weekend (Saturday 25th August). Freak Out is being promoted by Casioware Clothing and Funky Soul Records and features additional sets from Bum Rush Sounds, DJ Camachio and Tom Motely. The fun starts at 7pm; for further information call Casio Wear on (973) 926 4650. Sweet broadcasts live and over the net on NY station WNYU each Monday night (EST= GMT-5) between 10..30pm-1am

Jonty Adderley