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Earthdance 2001: Now We've Been Called to Action (October 13th)

Author: Skrufff
Monday, October 8, 2001
Earthdance organisers are going ahead with next weekend's globally coordinated dance parties though have amended their mission from helping the Dalai Lama and Tibet towards calling for global peace. Over one hundred simultaneous parties will be taking place in 45 cities, climaxing in a synchronised dance floor linkup at midnight GMT (7pm EST, 4pm PST) on the 13th.

"The shock of the recent disaster ripped through our community with great sadness as we watched the morning news with horror and disbelief," said Earthdance founder Chris Deckker, this week.

"When disaster strikes at such an intense level it stirs the deepest of emotions. We have now been called to action. Not the action of retaliation fueled by anger and hatred but the action of going deep within ourselves to a place of stillness where we can open our hearts to the reality that love and compassion is the greatest healer for a world twisted with fear and hatred," he said.

'In the face of the tragedy we are even more committed to creating an even stronger event this October 13th. We invite you to join us."

For more information check out Earthdance's website where you'll be able to link to different webcasts on the night from individual parties. (Earthdance in Brazil)

Jonty Adderley