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Dave Clarke Hits The (DJing) Road

Author: Jonty Adderley
Friday, November 2, 2001

British techno champion Dave Clarke kicks off a mini DJ tour this weekend (Friday November 2nd) when he spins at Bugged Out Meets The Boutique at Heaven (London). The night is Bugged Out's first return to the capital since they split with Fabric several months ago and is likely to be packed (particularly since the beginning of the month is pay day for salaried workers). Dates are as follows:

November 2: Bugged Out! Meets The Boutique 2nd Birthday @ Heaven, London
November 3: X-Club 6th Birthday, Portugal
November 9: Bugged Out! Dublin, Ireland
November10: I Love Techno, Amsterdam, Holland
November 17: The Orbit, Leeds
November 24: Atomic Jam, Birmingham
November 30: Bugged Out! 7th Birthday, Cream, Liverpool

Dave Clarke's impressive techno/electro mix CD World Service is out now on React.