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Dave Angel and his magic wand!

Author: Michelle
Thursday, November 15, 2001
³Not everyone is a music fanatic. I am² For those who have been transfixed by his funky jazz infused techno sets, or couldn¹t take one of his many superbly crafted albums out of the cd player, will know that Dave Angel aint no celeb techno jock.¹

Dave experienced the power of music at a very early age ³It was a Miles Davis track ³Fillies De Killimanjaro² it made me realise what music is. It was the only thing that put me to sleep. It¹s so reverend even to this day.² It's the one piece of music I can¹t live without.

Growing up wasn¹t easy, shoplifting, dealing drugs and a few spells in prison but it was music that helped to keep him straight, it was always in his life in some way, whether it be playing an instrument, djing or producing. His father was a jazz musician and there was always jazz playing
at home. it helped to give him the understanding he needed to be able to construct his own music, but his influences come from all round. ³Life in itself, its highs and lows are enough to give inspiration, maybe dreams or conversations, anything²

Daves discography features many big names, Carl Cox, Orbital, Juan Atkins and Underworld to name but a few, he recently collaborated with Roy Ayers and George Clinton. ³Collaborating with other artists is a friendly way, to
try each others ideas and combine them. Sometimes there may be a slight disagreement but if you can prove it sounds better, do it that way and then move on² Though when asked if there was anyone he would really like to work with, the reply is a definite no¹ and you get the feeling Dave can be somewhat the loner.

But he will never shy from a crowd, Dave is highly respected by crowds wherever he plays, he has the kind of attitude a crowd wants from their djs ³I always see a crowd as people who have paid money to get into a club. They
have come there maybe, to listen to me. So I see it as my duty for them to have a good time, no matter how big the crowd is.² and Melbourne can expect the same treatment ³I always respect Melbournians, I hope it will be a
wicked night.²

With the rise of NRG and hard house, that eternal question ³is techno dead² had to be asked ³I¹m not familiar with this term NRG so I cant comment² My first response is to wonder how he can not have heard of NRG, but on second
thoughts its reassuring to know that Dave Angel is the type of dj/producer who isn¹t going to be swayed by the sounds of now, and will continue to produce his music in the way he believes it should be done.

The last amazing thing he heard was Physogene ³Space cruising² and his theme song at present is P.Diddy ³Bad boy for life² so will he have any surprises in store for us when he plays here in Melbourne ³Ill bring my magic wand hit the box and say abracadabra!²

Dave Angel is currentley touring Austrlia plays in Melbourne at Seven, November 14, 2001.