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DJ Cosmo: Florida Dancing Ban is 'Really Pathetic'

Author: Skruff
Friday, February 23, 2001
New York house DJ Cosmo, who relocated to London last year, has criticised Orange County's recent anti dancing crackdown, which has led to a 60 day 'moratorium' on approving any late-night licences. "Dancing is an innate human activity, it's a bodily function like eating or sleeping," she told Mezz's Angie Ng After DJing in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) last speak. "I agree there is probably a drug-related issue with certain dance scenes but banning dancing in pubs isn't going to solve it. The same people who are already taking drugs will go elsewhere and still do them, driving around the streets, going to some mate's house when their parents are away and being completely unsupervised."

Tyler Gray from local newspaper The Orlando Sentinel was equally unimpressed with the new regulations, saying "the new moratorium buys the commission time to pass more permanent regulations or an all-out ban on business offering entertainment in the overnight hours. The expressed goal here is curbing drug use and—you've heard this before, protecting the children. Orange County Sheriff Kevin Beary again spilled his anguish over having to tell parents that their children had died of overdoses. He said nothing of having to tell parents or surviving drug users that their children would be going to jail for a decade or more."

DJ Cosmo made her name DJing around New York's house and garage club circuit since 1991 and also hosted two prominent radio shows in the city, School soul and Club 89 on WNYU 89.1FM. She went on to play at the legendary Loft parties thrown by David Mancuso, and guested alongside Francois K at the city's best known Body and Soul. Although now based in London (she recently married Nigel Hayes from Chaser) she remains one of the highest profile female American DJs in the world. ('Bitches' Brew', fortnightly radio show)