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Compilation Of The Week: Perfecto presents Timo Maas: Connected

Author: Skruff
Saturday, May 5, 2001
Ever since 1999 became 2000, 'wet & hard' house specialist Timo Maas has been cementing his reputation as the first and biggest new superstar of dance, initially through his multitude of remixes (most notably Azzido De Bass's Dooms Knight) and secondly as a DJ. Single-handedly producing and playing his own unique sub sound (located in the fertile territory halfway between house and techno) he's become a key player behind the return of old skool house and appears certain to achieve ever growing glory in the years ahead. 'Connected' represents a selection of many of his recent finest moments plus some of the biggest techno/house tracks of the last 6 months. Timo remixes of Fatboy Slim's Star 69, Placebo's Special K and his new track OCB sit alongside Satoshi Tomiie's recent theatrical stormer Love In Traffic and Dave Clarke's recent remix of Midfield General. Funky, thumping and highly recommended, Connected is a strong compilation that will appeal to anyone who's enjoyed a house or funky techno set in the last 6 months.