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Club Chiefs Among Britain's Most Powerful Men GQ Claim

Author: Skrufff
Friday, October 12, 2001
Pete Tong and the bosses of Cream and Ministry Of Sound are amongst Britain's 'Top 100 Powerful Men', British men's magazine GQ claimed this week in their first ever survey of the UK's top cheeses. James Palumbo, the super-rich Toff from the Ministry Of Sound, was the highest dance entry at number 24, apparently because of his money (£150million) and his previously unrecognised role as the man who invented modern club culture.

'Before Palumbo, British clubbing was a series of one-night stands and ladies's nights," GQ suggested (presumably forgetting The Hacienda, Shroom, The Clink, Heaven, the Mud Club…). However, "James is an unlikely club supreme," they added. "He doesn't even like dance music.'

In the same feature, rival promoter James Barton from Cream came 38th, though appeared to be less aesthetically pleasing to the UK fashion magazine's taste. 'The former market-trader and DJ left school at 16," they sneered. (He's a) 'A fidgety, liberally freckled, carrot topped Evertonian' (ie supports Everton FC). Pete Tong came in at 86, earning the plaudit 'did someone mention Dave Lee Travis-' (GQ, UK)

Jonty Adderley