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British Magazine Claims 1 in 10 American Men are Sexual Deviants

Author: Skruff
Sunday, May 13, 2001
10% of American men have 'warped sexual minds', FHM magazine said this week in an in-depth feature examining the statistics for sexual perverts in the US. "According to the now legendary 50s Kinsey report on sexuality, 17% of US boys who grew up in farms indulged in zoophilia," FHM revealed (almost 1 in 5). "Thankfully, the figure for the general population was a mere 9%, which still means 1 in 10 Yanks had been intimate with a farm animal." "It can lead to all sorts of nasty diseases," FHM sexologist Susan Quilliam added. "The urge was once more expedient (convenient) than innate (natural), if there was no woman around. But now it's about 'wickedness'.

FHM's article coincided with a Marie Claire travel feature examining bizarre international sex laws, which also honed in on US sexual deviations. Alongside the country's apparent passion for animals, it remains potentially illegal to flirt in Manhatta, with men risking US$25 fines if they're caught 'looking at women in a certain way'). Elsewhere in the US, oral and anal sex are both still banned in 12 states, while in Florida and Washington DC having sex in any way other than the missionary position remains illegal. In comparison, masturbators in Indonesia risk officially endorsed decapitation, while in Australia, a person can legally have sex with kangaroos 'provided he or she is drunk'. Lebanese men are allowed to have sex with female animals, Marie Claire added, though, 'having sexual relations with a male animal is punishable by death.'