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"Big Ears" - Price Charles Becomes a DJ

Author: Skruff
Thursday, March 22, 2001
Heir to the British throne Prince Charles made his DJing debut last week at London homeless people's hostel Centrepoint and received mixed reviews over his impromptu mixing. "I could see him playing at the Colisseum in Vauxhall, he knows about music, and he's got good rhythm," said 18 year old Darren, who helped the 50-something Prince on the decks (the Telegraph). However, Matt Armitage from International DJ magazine was less impressed, complaining "Prince Charles' scratching technique lacks finesse."

The Prince mixed Dee Kline's UK garage track 'Don't Smoke the Reefer' with the Lost Boys' Little Man, and rapped over the top, exclaiming 'Dig that crazy rhythm' and 'Are you insane-' His performance was also cricitised by cooler-than-thou style bible the Face, whose acting features editor Kevin Braddock scoffed, "people are using DJing as a way to make themselves seem more cool. To be a very good DJ you need a lot of skill; to be an adequate DJ you need a modicum of skill; and to appear to be a DJ, you don't need any skill at all."